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What's Your Total Cost of Ownership?
The collection of direct and indirect costs of owning fleet vehicles throughout the entire lifecycle, including fuel, maintenance and driver downtime.
Single Window Solutions limited addresses each and every one of these costs through analysis and expertise, helping drive down total cost while improving operational efficiency.
Single Window Solutions Limited management provides customized fleet services and solutions to companies in a wide range of industries operating medium-sized fleets or more vehicles.


  1. FMCG Industries
  2. Oil & Gas
  3. Power Sectors
  4. Construction Companies
  5. ITES
  6. Real Estate
  7. Telecom Companies
  8. Tower Management Companies
  9. Banking and Financial Services
  10. Consulting
  11. BPOs, KPOs
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Single Window Solutions limited is a leadingend to end integrated supply chain and logistics solutions provider, full Repair & maintenance leasing solutions for both the public and private sector. We partner with our clients to understand your unique business challenges and will design an outsourced fleet solution tailored to your specific business requirements. At Single Window Solution, we are committed to helping you reduce costs by ensuring the efficient operation of your fleets.
Single Window Solutions is a single source, across-the-board, fleet management services provider. We offer a range of flexible product options on every vehicle class, from passenger vehicles to Heavy duty trucks, and a variety of Customized vehicles. Our solutions integrate seamlessly, and are transparently scalable according to your business requirements.
Single Window Solutions Limited is a supply chain management solution provider, with core competencies in the provision of comprehensive product handling services,  See more about us »