Single Window

As part of its Fleet Management solutions, Single Window Solutions has a short-term rental division which focuses on the rental of specialised vehicles. The division is supported by Single Window Solutions’s infrastructure and capacity to deliver on client requirements and specifically looks after Long term/short term rentals of specialised vehicles such as Heavy duty trucks, Cherry Pickers, 4 X 4 pick up’s, SUV jeeps, Sedans etc. All our specialised vehicles available for short term rental are fitted with a tracking system which allows our clients to not only monitor the vehicle but the driver and driver behavior by giving them 24/7 real time intelligence. The vehicles are also fitted with a E-fuel unit which assists in controlling the consumption of fuel.

As part of our offering, Single Window Solutions short term rental clients also get to enjoy the full benefits of our call centre which is operational 24/7. The call centre handles administrative processes and approval procedures for repairs and services; the client is kept in the loop throughout the entire process, from initial breakdown or service call through to the vehicle being returned to the client.