Air Freight


Single Window Solutions Limited offers the best option when fast, secure delivery is essential. This may be a good option if you need to deliver items that are perishable, fragile or otherwise time-sensitive, or as well as if you have an urgent deadline to meet.

This is also an ideal option if you need to make a quick bulk international shipment or want to ship any item within Africa and overseas. We deliver heavier, declarable items from your door to the airport terminal.

"Cross Border Freight Forwarding" Combined cargo volume with air and sea lines enables SWSL to leverage their negotiating power to secure the most competitive rates.

"Freight Forwarding of Time Critical Cargo" Single Window Solutions Limited specialises in the freight forwarding of medical devices, medical equipment and surgical equipment in to the region.

With accounts at all of the major national and international airlines and ancillary service providers, Single Window Solutions Limited office delivers a world-class freight forwarding service, delivering critical cargo 24/7.